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Taiziwan Park

Add:5-1 Nanshan Rd

Tel:0571-8796 3701


Every year, Taiziwan Park holds a tulip exhibition after jingzhe, one of the 24 solar terms of traditional Chinese calendar.

The park boasts 450,000 tulips in 2013, including 50,000 in the first batch. These bulbs have been treated at low temperatures to encourage early flowering.

Already hundreds - in reds, oranges, pinks and purples - have bloomed.

The remaining 400,000 bulbs are set to flower between the middle of March and mid April.

In addition to tulips, the park has this year introduced 52 new species of spring blooms, including hyacinth, crocuses and hippeastrum - a large bulb from tropical regions.

Adding to the color and fragrance are classic park plants - yellow winter jasmine, pink camellia and pink and white hill cherry.

The spring blooms have been planted in displays maximizing their impact: beneath lofty trees; by the small lake in the park; criss-crossing on meadow land; along the north boundary of the park; by Nanshan Road facing the West Lake.

At the foot of a hill, a flower market sells house plants, with booths selling creative craft knickknacks alongside.

Admission: free