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Red by Park Hyatt Ningbo

Add:188 Dayan Rd, Dong Qian Lake, Ningbo

Tel:28881234 ext 3696

Time:Tue-Thur, 6pm-12am; Fri, 6pm-1am; Sat, 12pm-1am; Sun, 12pm-9pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Red, a contemporary designed place of the highest quality and style, provides not only authentic Japanese sushi, maki, yakitori, and international western snacks, but also serves the creative cocktail by using local and seasonal ingredients, spirit, premium wine, champagne and sake.  Red is the perfect venue to host a private party caters up to 300 people, live band performs from 20:30 from Tuesday to Saturday with a good mix of Brazilian keyboard, female Chinese singer, and a Philippian drummer.