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Yifu Theater

Add:701 Fuzhou Rd

Tel:021-6322 5294



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Yifu Theater is located on the Cultural Street of Fuzhou Road, adjacent to the city center. It is a building with unique architectural style, and every corner of the building demonstrates a strong Chinese cultural charm and flavor. At daytime, the exquisite model made of marble makes the whole building more noble and elegant. When night falls, it is more beautiful and magnificent with the enhancement of the lighting.

Yi Fu Theater has the longest history and the largest scale of any Chinese opera theater in Shanghai. It was once known as Tian Chan Theater. Since its establishment in 1925, it has featured Peking Opera performances and has been favored by many famous Chinese opera artists. Earlier on, it became the 'Largest Theater in the Far East'.

Around 1990 the theater was rebuilt and renamed Yi Fu Theater. In 1994, the new theater opened to the public with an elegant appearance and advanced facilities. Now it offers nearly 1,000 seats on two floors. The Peking Opera is still its trump card. Other traditional Chinese opera performances are also available.

There are a total 928 seats in the theater with 116 upstairs and 812 downstairs. Featuring Chinese Opera, Yifu Theater is an ideal place for you to appreciate the traditional Chinese cultural performance, ranging from Peking Opera, acrobatics, to the Chinese Martial Arts.