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Coconut Paradise(Wukang Rd Branch)

Add:2/F, 378 Wukang Rd


Time:12am-2pm; 5pm-10:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Coconut Paradise Thai restaurant opened in the chic Ferguson Building three months ago. The interior shares a resemblance with Yunnan eatery Lost Heaven, which is owned by the same group, fusing exotic artifacts in a contemporary setting; a little bit glittery in the daytime yet more romantic in the evening. The 500-square-meter interior can accommodate more than 150 diners. In the warmer months ahead, a good option is to sit in the petite terrace and admire the beautiful trees. The menu is based around northern Thai cuisine and the owners are currently updating the dishes on offer. Signature dishes include shrimp cakes, deep-fried chicken in panden leaves, papaya salad, northeast Thai-style chicken with mint, red curry beef, three-flavor bass, and steamed fish with northern style curry. A meal costs about 200 yuan (US$ 32.3) to 250 yuan per person, including a drink. The 15-seat bar on the side is also an ideal spot for a well-earned tropical cocktail after a hard day at work.