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Add:559 Fuxing Rd M., near Sinan Rd

Tel:021-5404 1052


Cuisine: Peruvian

Ambience: Cozy, fun, yet slightly sophisticated. The front courtyard has a very South American feel, while inside is homely yet polished. Colors are vivid blues, greens and reds.

Who to invite: Family, close friends, a date

Pros: Ceviche is small but always packed thanks to its charm and excellent food. The menu offers a range of dishes, beautifully presented in artistic arrangements.

Cons: The service. There is a difference between attentive and over-zealous. The hovering waiters need to learn to give their customers some space (at least on one visit).

Recommended: The restaurant is named the Peruvian dish "Ceviche," which is raw fish, doused in a citrus marinade that serves to slightly cook it. It's delicious and spicy - there are milder versions with peanuts (an Asian touch). Try the refreshing, sour and lightly spiced Fu Man Chu. The Pork Chicharron (twice-cooked pork) and Lomo Saltado, or beef tenderloin, are delicious.

Drinks: Beer, wine, some spirits. There's a range of wine by the bottle but a limited range of wine by the glass.

Cost: Small plates cost as little as 30 yuan, while bigger plates cost 120 yuan. Expect to pay around 200 yuan per person for dinner and a drink.