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Latina(Tongren Rd Branch)


Tel:021-6320 3566


Cuisine: Brazilian

Ambience: Casual

Who to invite: Business associates for a casual lunch, family

Pros: For 195 yuan, you can get an all-you-can-eat lunch, including a buffet range of salad options, stews, and desserts. Waiters walk around with large meat skewers, offering slices until you indicate you've had your fill. The food is delicious, and there really is no end to it.

Cons: If you aren't a big meat eater, this place won't be worth your while. Although there are delicious vegetable options and grilled Brazilian cheese, the real highlight of this place is the vast quantity of prawns, fish, beef, lamb and pork ribs.

Recommended: Roast potato salad, ox, grilled cheese and the pork ribs. The desserts, which are Portuguese inspired, are also delicious.

Drinks: A limited range of beer and wine is available, as well as a number of South American-inspired cocktails.

Cost: The main reason to go is the barbecue or for the Feijoada, the bean stew - they do a special for Sunday lunchtime with a range of varieties. The all-you-can-eat barbecue costs 128-198 yuan for lunch, or 198-298 yuan for dinner (not including drinks). You can also buy sandwiches, burgers or pizza for 60-100 yuan.

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