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My Home

Add:No. 7, Lane 229, Huashan Rd



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


When a guest enters restaurant Wo Jia, literally meaning My Home, the waiter hands out a pencil and paper so the diner can write down what they want to order.

The venue, which specializes in Shanghai cuisine, has many signature dishes popular among the returning customers. Newcomers can also ask for a Sweet Home menu with dishes described in both Chinese and English.

Hidden down a lane on Huashan Road, the place is decorated simply as a canteen, but the unique tastes have established its reputation among local gourmets as "that wonderful little eatery across from the Hilton hotel."

Dozens of tables fill two rooms and it's common to see young locals, who know the trendiest place to dine, foreigners introduced by local friends and tourists who find the place through word of mouth.

Shanghai cuisine is slightly sweet, often oily and known for the use of soy sauce. It's famous for the cooking method known as hong shao, or red braised, in which ingredients such as pork, pork hocks, duck and quick-fried shrimps are cooked slowly in soy sauce, sugar and often vinegar.

Local taste favors vinegar and sugar, which produces famous dishes such as pork in sweet-and-sour sauce.

My Home delivers a slightly lighter and less oily taste of authentic local dishes, and has also created some original signature tastes.

Shizi tou, or the Lion's Head (meatball) is a typical dish adapted from Yangzhou cuisine and relies heavily on soy sauce. The meatballs are said to look like a lion's head. At My Home, the dish is presented on layers of green vegetables to balance the oil and fat from the heavily sauced, shredded pork.

My Home salads are popular. The potato salad is neither too dry nor too watery. "Western" salad is a combination of green beans and Chinese-style ham, a dish reminiscent of adapted Western foods that were popular in the 1930s.

My Home chicken wings are a specialty. Wings are quickly fried and then boiled in a homemade sweet, sour and slightly spicy sauce, creating an intriguing flavor with layers of tastes.

English menu: Yes

Parking: Yes. Near many department stores with parking lots

Subway: Near Jing'an Temple Station of Metro Lines 2 and 7