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Huxi Mosque

Add:No. 3, Lane 1328 Changde Rd


Visitors can feel that this is somewhere different from the surrounding area even before they enter the front gate. Outside the mosque are small restaurants and food carts selling Muslim food, as well as stalls providing produce such as dried fruit and nuts from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, where most of the population are Muslims.

Many vendors wear the taqiyah, a short and rounded prayer cap for men.

Huxi Mosque is one of the best-known mosques in Shanghai. Built in 1922 at Yaoshui Lane (药水弄), it can accommodate 200 people in prayer.

When Putuo District decided to change the layout of Yaoshui Lane in 1990, the mosque was rebuilt on Changde Road, the first mosque rebuilt in Shanghai following the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

You can spot the distinctive architecture from a distance. The mosque is set in a residential area among many apartment complexes, but the white minaret shows that this is a place of worship.

The mosque is not big, about 1,125 square meters, but is well laid out. Standing in the yard, the two-story prayer hall is located on the west side; the first floor for men and the second for women.

The minaret on the northeast side is 25 meters high. This example of modern Islamic architecture shows distinctive characteristics, including columns and fan shapes.

The prayer hall floor is covered in carpets and features a minbar, the pulpit where the imam, or prayer leader, stands to deliver sermons or lectures.

Huxi Mosque also runs a store in the entrance at the front gate selling food produced there, including beef and lamb items.