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Xiao Tao Yuan Masjid

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Xiao Tao Yuan Masjid, in the past called the West Masjid, was built in 1917 by a man named Jin Ziyun who had bought the land. It was rebuilt in 1925 in the traditional Islamic style seen today.

The exterior of the mosque is painted green and white, which makes it stand out from its surroundings. The plate above the iron gate contains the Chinese characters for "mosque" - "qing zhen si" (清真寺) - by calligrapher Luo Junti.

Xiao Tao Yuan Masjid is in a quiet location, quite unlike the Huxi Mosque in its busy and noisy residential setting.

Just outside Xiao Tao Yuan is a park where you can see people relaxing and exercising. When you enter the mosque, the two-story square prayer hall, which can accommodate 500 people in prayer, is on the west. The main prayer hall is on the first floor, a spacious room with arched windows.

Other distinctive features include the minaret and four domes at the four corners of the mosque.

Xiao Tao Yuan combines Islamic and Chinese style features. On the east side of the courtyard, is a three-story Chinese-style building, home to a lecture room, offices and ablution facilities.

Next to Xiao Tao Yuan Masjid is the Xiao Tao Yuan Masjid for Women built in 1920, the only one of its kind now in Shanghai. The renovated masjid - the central mosque - was opened in 1994 and hosts religious activities for Islamic women in Shanghai.

The Xiao Tao Yuan Masjid was the original site for the Shanghai Islamic Normal School which was later moved to Qinglian Street and renamed Pingliang Islamic Normal School.

It is also the home of the Shanghai Islamic Association, established in 1962.