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Metoo Cafe

Add:75 Jinhua Rd

Tel:0571-8801 9967


Long considered one of the top Hangzhou cafes, the crew of TV series "Sealed with a Kiss" took a fancy to Metoo, making it a backdrop for the hit TV drama.

But before the show was broadcast, the cafe was already hugely popular in Hangzhou, by virtue of its unique style which combines mill machinery with a modern decor.

A huge piece of machinery in the lobby is juxtaposed with stylish cushions, sofas, a wooden table and ornaments, creating an atmosphere that's at once historic and trendy.

The owners retained the original coarse brick walls, just painting them white, creating a stripped-down feel.

Knick-knacks help create a vintage vibe, with old-school TVs, an abacus and old-fashioned light switches echoes of the building's past.

The sizeable lobby contains rows of tables and booths. Bands play every now and then.

For further details go tohttp://site.douban.com/metoocafe/