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Chezmarie Landas Cafe

Add:F6, Ideal Silian 166 Loft, 166 Lishui Rd

Tel:0571-8830 9310


All things Gallic are the inspiration for this cafe: the timber facade features French pastoral characteristics, while flowers on windowsills and beneath the roof give customers the impression that they're in Provence.

The interior adds to this extravaganza: there are maps of France, French oil paintings, French souvenirs and photographs taken in France.

And, not surprisingly, one of the owners is French.

The highlight of the cafe are the stained glass windows, lending a peaceful church-like ambience.

Also, the decor of the second floor is different from the first floor, conveying a more luxurious feel.

A set of carved redwood furniture, gorgeous paintings and a splendid fireplace evoke French palace style.

According to the comments of web users on Chinese review website dianping.com, Chezmarie Landas Cafe's desserts and salad are recommended.