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Add:No. 100-2, Qingsha Guzhen Park, Lishui Rd

Tel:0571-8802 7588


While most Japanese restaurants boast of serving authentic Japanese cuisine, Hatsune does not. Instead it offers California-style sushi, reflecting the tastes of its owner who hails from there.

Hatsune has its headquarters in Beijing and opened its Hangzhou branch near the Grand Canal in 2008.

After Hatsune won many votes for best sushi in Beijing, Gongshu District government in the north of the city invited it to Hangzhou.

Chef Guo Hongliang, who has worked with Japanese cuisine for almost 20 years, says the main difference between Hatsune's American-style sushi and traditional sushi is the use of avocado.

"Adding avocado to sushi is not for taste, but nutrition," he says.

Hatsune is located in an old renovated building, and the outside epitomizes traditional Chinese. The inside though, while built as a Beijing-style quadrangle dwellings, is ultra modern, with a sprinkle of Japanese thrown in. It resembles Asian restaurants in Western countries.

Bestsellers are butterfly roll and Motorola roll. The butterfly roll gets its name from its presentation. Ingredients include eel, crab roe, avocado and shrimp.

The Motorola roll was dreamt up by a foreign customer in Beijing who worked at Motorola.

He asked the chef to make him sushi comprising both raw and cooked tuna, crab meat and roe, as well as avocado. The result became one of Hatsune's signature dishes.

"Techniques are similar, and what really matters is the quality of raw food," says Guo, explaining that the above-average prices at Hatsune reflect this commitment to quality.

The first floor houses a sushi bar, while the second floor has a hall and three private teppanyaki rooms. The largest even has an area where you can sprawl out on sofas after a binge of Japanese goodies.

The menu also features traditional Japanese dishes such as tempura and grilled beef.

All of this adds up to a great dining experience. Prices are around 150 yuan (US$24) per person.