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Wood Orchid Kaiseki Cuisine

Add:204 Nanshan Rd

Tel:0571-8706 4168


The restaurant is nestled away just off Nanshan Road at the West Lake. While sitting alongside several other restaurants facing to the lake, it does not open directly onto the road.

Instead, its gate is hidden behind a small stone bridge, under which flows a stream. Beside it are a cobblestone paths, bushes and trees - all creating a low-profile Oriental style.

On the first floor chefs work in front of the tables, ensuring customers see their meals are freshly made. Second floor tables are set beside French windows, providing a fine view of the lake.

The restaurant mainly offers buffet service, though additional dishes are on the menu. Options include everything from sashimi, sushi and salad to tempura, grilled dishes and hotpot. Juice and alcohol - including sake and plum wine - are on unlimited pour.

Considering the options and freshness, as well as the location, the prices for lunch (198 yuan per adult) and for dinner (258 yuan) seem fair. The buffet is ideal for people with big appetites, concerned that delicate Japanese portions won't fill them.

Staff recommend the following: soft-shell crab roll, with the crab imported from America; lobster salad with apple; grilled codfish; and Japanese smoked beef.

Fresh wasabi mustard is available and there is an English menu.