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Muse Mixing Room

Add:Mercedes-Benz Arena, No. 1200 Expo Avenue


Time:8pm-late, open for special events only



The Muse Mixing Room is situated on the South West side of the Mercedes-Benz Arena. As its main goal, the Muse Mixing Room will introduce new kinds of music and entertainment in a more private and intimate setting. Live entertainment enthusiasts will enjoy the selection of content, dining, bar, and overall atmosphere of this night club / theatre. The Muse Mixing Room brings to Shanghai a whole new outtake on live entertainment that will leave all fans and guests with a memorable experience. The Muse Mixing Room is equipped with world-class audio and lighting effect configurations for smaller live entertainment events to create a visual and auditory feast. The stage covers an area of 120 square meters, including a main stage, a backstage and two side stages. The Mixing Room has a capacity of 600 VIP guests. It contains a bar and a lounge on the ground level and a VIP seating balcony with a VIP lounge on the upper level. It hosts various medium to large capacity shows (500-1500 ppl) a couple of times a month, featuring big name international and Chinese DJs and bands. Since opening in 2011, they've hosted DJ Shadow, Howie B, Diplo, Neon Trees, and others. The Mixing Room is a concert venue and not open to the public unless a special event is planned.