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Add:184 Fucheng Rd


Time:Sun-Thur, 8am-11pm; Fri-Sat, 8am-12am

Fax:021-5081 1917

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Deli&Leisure features a bakery, Chinese and Western food, Vietnam and Thai cuisine along with wine, coffee, fresh juices and other fancy drinks to attract young people on the go.

The restaurant is along the riverside and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and has a large al fresco dining area.
Inside, the open kitchen is brightly lit, allowing customers to see the chefs preparing various dishes.

The VIP room in the corner is decorated like a living room. It has several big sofas, round tables, a wooden book shelf, flowers and candles. A big shelf on the wall displays various sauces and other ingredients.

A self-service area displays fresh baked breads, cakes, scones and muffins, which are made daily. Customers also can sit down with a cup of coffee, tea or other beverage in the self-service area. Besides the main menu, a special “All-day Breakfast” menu  is also offered.

In the main dining area, a selection of handmade pastas, Chinese food and Southeast Asian cuisines are strongly recommended.

Other recommended dishes include the Caesar salad with chicken breast, seafood laksa, diced beef stir-fried with red rice in Vietnamese style, linguine with mushrooms in cream sauce, stir-fried spaghetti with Italian sausage, fresh shrimp fried rice with shrimp paste, fried flat noodles with pork in a chili paste sauce, Italian Parma ham pizza and charcoal grilled beef in a green curry sauce.