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Farming and Reading House

Add:No. 42, Maojiabu Village

Tel:0571-8799 9699


The restaurant  supplies fresh vegetables and organically raised pigs, chickens and fish. Its signature dish is lotus seed and chicken soup, made from lotus seeds picked from fish ponds and mountain spring water. It is simmered on a coal stove for four hours (reservations required).

Naturally sweet spring water from the mountain is widely used in the restaurant, from soups and dishes to tea. The green tea is from Jiande and costs 25 yuan (US$4) per glass.

The restaurant makes all kinds of tofu, mantou (Chinese steamed buns), vermicelli (made from sweet potatoes) and even chili, oil and some wine - the lotus wine is recommended.

The menu changes with the season. Prices are not low though. The duck soup is 380 yuan.

Address: No. 42, Maojiabu Village (west to the bus stop Maojiabu, one among several farmers' houses.)

Average price: 100 yuan/person