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Dragon Well Manor

Add:10 Longjing Rd

Tel:0571-8788 8777


As a restaurant recommended by New Yorker food critic Fuschia Dunlop, Dragon Well Manor, though hidden in a small lane in Longjing Village, is so popular that reservations are required all the time.

One dish on Dragon Well Manor's menu is She De, literally "be willing to part with," and costs at least 100 yuan even though it is only green vegetables. It costs so much because the outer leaves of the green vegetables are all peeled off, but the inner part is kept for the dish. Fifteen kilos of green vegetables are needed for one dish of She De.

Another signature dish is called Unsung Hero, a fish soup. Four small fish are boiled for hours until the fish meat melts resulting in a thick broth. The bones of the small fish are removed and a large fish is added to the soup.

Tel: (0571) 8788-8777 (Call days in advance because the restaurant only has eight rooms)