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Tan's Desserts

Add:49 Shentangqiao Rd

Tel:0571-8884 6821


On the narrow Shentangqiao Road - a "dessert street" for the past two years connecting Hushu Road and Moganshan Road - Tan's Desserts is a popular outlet.

Founded by a street vendor in Guangdong Province and run by Tan Xixi in the 1910s, today Tan's grandson and his wife run the brand in Hangzhou.

The restaurant, though only big enough for 35 people, has a large menu of near 150 kinds of traditional Cantonese-style dishes: rice in clay pot, sautéed rice noodle, porridge, soup, snacks and more than 30 desserts.

The restaurant recommends red bean paste, mung bean paste, sesame paste, peanut paste and Guiling jelly.

The red bean paste and mung bean paste are seasoned with dried tangerine, while Guiling jelly is based on a Chinese medicine traditionally made from the powdered tortoiseshell and a variety of herbal products.

It is believed that the herbal additives are good for the skin and cooling the body in summer.

Tip to find it: There are large murals by a local artist at either end of the street, and the Tan's is close to the west end. The kitchen and the restaurant are in two separate buildings, on opposite sides of the road.