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Add:255 Chaowang Rd

Tel:0571-8837 0267


Though this eatery is hidden in an office building, its tasty desserts and casual environment attracts a stream of guests every day.

The desserts offered feature classic Southeast Asia flavor, based around tropical fruits such as durian, mango and coconut.

Stepping inside Tangyin, customers are hit by the strong smell (aroma or stink, depending on your taste) of durian. An exotic looking, tasting and smelling fruit, durian is very much a love-hate thing. Few stores in Hangzhou offer such varied durian-made desserts, so fans of the odd-odor fruit make a pilgrimage to Tangyin.

Shi Mian Mai Fu (House of Flying Daggers), named after a classical Chinese song, is an ice cream made from durian mixed with mango dices, corn niblets and coconut sauce. The fragrances of the other three ingredients mask the durian smell, but the fruit's delicious mouth feel remains.

Coconut and sago cake is also a favorite. It has two layers - the aromatic and smooth bottom layer is made of coconut and milk, while the top soga layer is topped with black sugar. Mango and pitaya cubes decorate the cake and provide a refreshing taste.

Many desserts here have Southeast Asian names, such as "Nyonya," which refers to the descendants of the late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to Malaysia and Singapore.

The decor integrates styles of various countries: Straw rain capes, old pots and shovels and ancient Chinese books are hung on the walls to create a Chinese feel; wooden tables and stools offer Japanese minimalist style; while an Islamic arch conveys an exotic feel.

Tip to find it: Located in the first floor of Hongshi Mansion at the intersection of Chaowang Road and Hushu Road.