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Elixir Health Pot

Add:Xiangzhang Garden, 2 Hengshan Rd



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Healthy living is big business, and Elixir Health Pot taps into this market. And while some health foods are perceived as being bland, that's not a criticism that can be applied to the delicacies on offer at the restaurant. Famous singers like Jolin Tsai, Hebe Tian, Selina Ren and Cui Siwon from popular Kpop group Super Junior are all big fans of Elixir Health Pot, which was founded in Taiwan. The Shanghai restaurant is spacious and modern, with touches of Buddhist decor. The well-trained staff provide top-notch service - for example, the 90-degree bow to show respect for their guests. Three soup bases are available: healthy and nourishing creamy tofu pot; Wulao Elixir spicy aromatic pot; and collagen beauty pot. These are priced at 98 yuan (US$16) for small groups (four-six people) and 168 yuan for larger parties (10-12 diners). House special twin pot can be ordered (serving two soup bases), for an additional 30 yuan add on. Popular dishes for hotpot include the mixed handmade meatball plate (98 yuan), duplex plate of scallop and abalone starch (98 yuan) and duplex plate of shrimp and crab starch (88 yuan). While Elixir Health Pot can seat around 200 diners, customers are advised to make a reservations two to three days in advance. Otherwise, they can expect a long wait before getting to sample its healthy cuisine.