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Metoo Cafe

Add:Bldg 4, Queens Park, 277 Wulin Rd

Tel:0571-8895 6082


The first Metoo Cafe located in Ideal Silk 166 Loft Park has already been hugely popular around Hangzhou which just opened in May, 2013, and this third branch is also proving a big hit.

The brand Metoo is defined by a distinctive style philosophy; such as taking advantage of the potential of existing decor and construction, and then integrating modern design and furniture.

This Metoo Cafe in Queens Park is no exception. The designers, also the bosses, have retained the coarse brick walls and concrete stairway, but decorated them with abstract paintings.

Old wooden doors plucked from the former residential buildings create another quirky touch.

The decor and ambience is Japanese minimalism. No matter whether tables or sofas, the owners stick to a plain principle, giving customers a simple but modern space.

A highlight is the display of delicate silver service items, with gleaming plates and bowls engraved with exquisite floral patterns exhibited on an illuminated glass shelf.