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Add:Bldg 7, Queens Park, 277 Wulin Rd

Tel:0571-8893 5811


Cool dolls don't have to be cute or good-looking - Apelife, a doll brand owned by Hong Kong illustrator and designer Winson Ma, provides a range of ape-themed products from dolls and toys to fashions and bags.

This Hangzhou branch, which opened in April, 2013, is Apelife's first on the Chinese mainland.

It is unique inside and out. A real-life size ape has been painted on the outside wall of the store by Ma, accompanied by the signatures of Ma's artists friends, signed on the opening day.

The inside, though very small, features displays of clothing and packs, as well as ape dolls of all sizes. Even the small dolls are clad in Apelife garments.

Ma, who was president of Hong Kong Illustration Association from 2009 to 2011, was inspired to create the brand by a Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition.

He founded Apelife in 2006, designing a series of dolls for the "Apes' Antarctic Research Expedition."