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Pane e Vino

Add:47 Sinan Rd

Tel:021-5465 2177


Housed in a two-story villa, Pane e Vino is right in the middle of the street, a few minutes' walk from the Shanghai Research Institute of Culture and History, one of the Western-style mansions that have witnessed the history of the city.

When the sun shines through the old trees along the street into the windows, the place has a nostalgic feeling; it seems like one of Western venues in old Shanghai that only expatriates and wealthy Chinese could afford.

The truffle pizza is tender and tasty, a standout in the city with so many places offering various kinds of pizza. The truffle slices are large, the dough is crispy and the pizza is very fragrant.

Other dishes are nice though not as impressive.

The overall quality of food matches the price, and the ambience is a plus.