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Awa Shan Zhai

Add:2-15 Renhe Rd

Tel:0571-8645 5777


Awa Shan Zhai claims to be the first restaurant in China on the theme of the fortified hill villages found in Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. These are settlements for Chinese ethnic minority groups, including the Miao, Buyi and Tujia people.

Founder Qu Guoqiang has combined the essence of cuisines of southwest China with chefs' creativity. The Awa chain claims that 52 million people eat fish at its branches in China each year - an average of 1 million people a week.

In order to ensure its delicacies taste authentic, the restaurant gets its ingredients from southwest provinces. It also takes advantage of the high-quality fish found in Hangzhou, especially from Thousand Islands Lake in Chun'an County.

Its Fish Head King is a signature dish. The chef chops up the head of a carp and cooks it with chili from Miaoling Mountain in Guizhou Province. The strong, spicy soup perfectly complements the tender fish meat.