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Huo Hong Nian Dai

Add:100 Jianguo Rd N.

Tel:0571-8722 9570


This restaurant opened in 2002, and there are several branches in Hangzhou. Dishes here are based on traditional Hunan cuisine, featuring bacon, white pepper, pod pepper and dried beans.

According to the menu, the signature dishes owe their origins to a beautiful love story.

Once upon a time, a daughter of the local Miao ethnic minority leader was saved from an accident by a young man from the Han group, and they fell in love at the first sight.

Even though at that time Han and Miao people were forbidden to marry, the lovers broke these barriers and wed.

At the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom caught a fish and cooked it with chili peppers, naming it Affectionate Couple Fish Head. Tasty, with a pleasant texture, plus an auspicious name, it soon became popular with locals.

But the story didn't end there. The couple operated a small restaurant. Specialties included stewed snakehead meat with chili oil, known as Xiangjiang Fish Head. This became a favorite with locals and the eatery prospered.

Such romantic legends adds a touch of mystery to the dishes offered by Huo Hong Nian Dai.

In addition to the signature dishes, the rice offered here is another highlight. It is put in ceramic bowls and braised directly over a fire, creating a more sweet-smelling rice.