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Melting Pot

Add:288 Taikang Rd

Tel:021-6467 9900



The Melting Pot, also known as Bar 288, on Taikang Road is one of most well-known music venues in the city, attracting musicians every night. Established a number of years ago, the bar is a favorite with local musicians - including Shanghai-native pop singer Wang Hao, Chinese hip hop singer and producer Li Qiuze, plus many local bands, in styles including jazz, hip hop, rock and pop. Its European-designed bar serves American afternoon tea on the first floor and Japanese cuisine on the second. The recently opened 688 Theater on the second floor is a new venture by the Melting Pot, regularly staging experimental theater productions. You can check out different shows every night at 9pm.

The space comes with a full bar, small stage, lounging couches to the side and dining tables spread out. The layout is quite convenient, allowing diners a full view of the room, and of course of the stage. Its dark tones and mood lighting add a romantic touch to the easygoing restaurant. The dining area also has a super-sized projector screen, which combined with its other features, makes it a good location for hosting group activities. Melting Pot does affordable French cuisine, from escargot and soups in the starter menu to roast duck, calamari, lamb chops and beef in the mains, and desserts.