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Mozart Cafe

Add:No. 1-105, Lane 190, Taikang Rd



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Mozart Cafe features authentic Viennese cuisine and beverages.Visitors will be surprised to discover how roomy the interior is after stepping past the two small tables outside, through the small door. Designed in typical European style - with small wooden tables and chairs and crystal lamps - the cafe displays European antiques, china vases, plate and cups.

All of which provide plenty to feast your eyes upon, before you even sit down and order the Italian coffee. With a coffee menu that includes Kleiner Brauner (small espresso with cream), Grosser Brauner (large espresso with cream), Melange (small espresso with warm milk and milk foam), Verlangerter (extended espresso, black or white cream), Einspanner (large espresso with whipped cream), Schokoccino (dark chocolate and cappuccino with whipped cream), there should be something for even the most picky coffee lover. And if you prefer something stronger, they also have Irish Coffee, Cafe Baileys, Cafe Amaretto and Fiaker (espresso with cherry brandy).

Dishes include authentic Italian spaghetti, sweet and sour fish and beef goulash.