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Wild Rampage

Add:718 Changle Rd, near Fumin Rd

Tel:021-6215 2991





Since 1999, long-before there was a recognized market for non-traditional sports in China, Wild Rampage has been leading the way. Wild Rampage is the leading distributor of technical outdoor products, including Osprey, Oboz and Icebreaker.

 Specializing in “action clothing,” Wild Rampage is a great stop for those planning on participating in hardier outdoor sports. While they sell plenty of sports equipment, this is a particularly good place to go when you’re also looking for all the apparel to go with the equipment – coats, gloves, hiking boots, etc. You’ll find items catering to sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking, camping, hiking and skateboarding. The stores have a pretty loyal following and host specialized sporting events in their shops, like skateboarding nights.