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Zhujing Town

Add:Zhujing Town, Jinshan District


With a history of more than 1,000 years, Zhujing Town, in the north of Jinshan District, is blessed with rich cultural heritages and colorful folk arts.

One of the prime attractions in the town is the magnificent and massive Donglin Temple - including a man-made hill and grotto.

As one of the five important Buddhist sites in the district, Donglin Temple, first built in 1308 as a shrine to worship Guanyin (the bodhisattva associated with compassion), features the world's biggest indoor Guanyin statue, 27 meters high with a two-meter-high lotus base, arms reaching five meters almost to the ceiling.

During the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Zhujing was a busy trading center of grains and fine cloth, which attracted a large number of dye-houses, handmade cloth work studios and rice shops.

Today agriculture is the supporting industry of the town. It boasts organic vegetables, fruits and grains. Zhujing's quality rice "Zhufeng Rice," grown by organic manure instead of chemical fertilizers, is one of the signature agricultural products.

In addition, the town is a base for horse training. Shanghai Equestrian Field, the biggest one in the city covering an area of 10 hectares, has 86 race horses imported from Hong Kong, Australia and Europe.

How to get there: Take Metro Line 1 to Xingzhuang Station, then transfer to Line 5 and get off at Zhuanqiao Station. Get out of the Metro station and take Xinfeng Bus Line to Zhujing.