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Yunnan Pot

Add:No. 32 Donghexia, Xiaohezhi Street

Tel:0571-8518 6003


Dai cuisine can be something of a mystery. Like Thai food, it's sour and spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. It also uses a wide range of vegetables, fruit and seasonings - including curry and chili - and incorporates a variety of cooking traditions.

Dai cooks also make use of seeds, mosses and fungi in their dishes - mushrooms are especially popular and diners here can sample a wild mushroom hotpot - and even insects are served as a delicacy.

The chefs here have brought these traditional dishes with them to Hangzhou, and Yunnan Pot offers several hotpots and other authentic Dai cuisine - including the insects!

Hotpots feature Yunnan classics like pig feet in sour lemon soup and preserved ribs pot, made from Yunnan pork.

Yunnan Pot also offers tom yam gong, but it tastes different from the Thai style - more sour, with less curry, and more yellow than orange.

Pineapple rice is also a dish shared by Thai and Dai cuisines. In Thai cuisine the rice is fried first and then steamed in a pineapple, but at Yunnan Pot the rice is steamed with the pineapple.

The chefs use purple rice together with Thai rice - the contrasting yellow and purple creating a very bright look. This, together with the sweet and sour aroma from the steamed pineapple, makes for a rather appetizing dish.

And, if you're feeling brave, try the insect dishes: fried honey bee pupae and fried bamboo worms. They're hard and crisp after being fried and frankly, don't taste of anything much. But they are packed with protein.