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Royal Elephant

Add:No. 15 Datong Lane

Tel:0571-8780 3356


The elephant in the name suggests this restaurant offers traditional Thai cuisine, as it is considered a sacred animal by Thai people.

Dishes served feature typical sour and spicy tastes, with ingredients like curry and tropical fruit.

Its tom yam gong features an array of seasonings, including lemon, pod pepper and fish sauce to create the original flavor of authentic Thai soup. It's a big draw, bringing the faraway delicacy to Hangzhou foodies.

Curried shrimp, another classic Thai dish, is also popular with diners here. The curry flavor soaks into the crustaceans and, combined with fragrant coconut milk, provides a tasty option.

Unlike Chinese spring rolls which contain fillings like bean paste, the Thai spring rolls always have fresh meat, fish, green pepper and carrot inside. Dipping them in some yummy chutney is recommended.