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Cats cafe

Add:218 Jiaogong Rd

Tel:0571-8738 1236


Many customers come to this cafe to see the three cats that live here. Residents for many years, the felines are accustomed to an endless stream of visitors, so they are quite hospitable.

Most of the time, they lie at the doorway snoozing away, seemingly oblivious to the hubbub around them.A message on a small blackboard says feeding the cats is forbidden.

The cafe is situated near Zhejiang Gongshang University. Students are regulars here. With WiFi and free board games, students can sip a leisure coffee while surfing the Internet or taking on friends in games.

And as a further inducement to students, Cats Cafe offers a 12 percent discount to customers holding a student's identity card. Takeaway is available at a 20 percent discount.