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POST Yihui Restaurant

Add:26 Jiaogong Rd

Tel:0571-8815 0800


This restaurant is located on the second floor of the EAC Office Building, providing an ideal place for white-collar workers to meet with friends after work.

The minimalist decor features a wall made from empty wine bottles, dividing different zones of the restaurant.

Blue-and-white porcelain bowls and plates add a traditional Chinese touch to the overall atmosphere.

On the menu are Hangzhou dishes, Cantonese dishes, plus newly created options.

A signature dish is kung fu soup - containing pork chops, king trumpet mushrooms and herbs. It is served in a ceramic tea pot. Customers pour the delicate soup into a small teacup and sip slowly before tackling the meat and mushrooms.

Other recommended dishes include black pepper lamb chops, pickled vegetables braised with duck meat and deep-fried dough sticks stewed with shrimps.

On the drinks menu, Love of Summer is very popular with customers. Lime slices and mint leaves are soaked in water containing tiny pieces of ice. Zesty and icy, it brings much-welcomed cool on hot summer days.