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Tea Show

Add:68 Jiangjun Rd


Teahouses are very much an industry of Hangzhou. Tea Show is one of the numerous teahouses dotted around the city, but is unique due to its combination of tea art training, tea set sales and drinking tea itself.

Owner Chen Ying is a national tea art expert, who graduated from the tea department of Zhejiang University. She patiently explains basic knowledge of tea to customers while making tea. Chen says she adheres to the ancient Chinese concept of "making friends through tea."

Every cup of tea here is made and served by Chen. Visitors can appreciate the culture of the tea ceremony while enjoying a mellow cup of tea.

Tea sets and teas on display are for sale. Tea set varieties range from celadon to Yixing purple clay pots; while teas include everything from Longjing to Dahongpao tea.

Moreover, Chen holds a tea art training class on evenings during the work days. She teaches students how to select, smell and taste tea and how to perform the tea ceremony.

The decor is elegant but comfortable, making customers feel as though they are at home. Often they linger over their tea until night falls.