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Sunmark Tanning Cafe

Add:62 Jiangjun Rd


This is a cafe with a secret- - it's not only an cozy coffee spot but also the only tanning parlor in Hangzhou.

Owner Ada imported the high-tech tanning unit from the Netherlands. It looks like a space capsule, featuring 48 tubes radiating a blue glow.

Traditionally, Chinese people consider pale skin the symbol of beauty, but in recent years, more and more people have come around to the idea of tanning, seeing it as symbolizing health and highlighting body contours.

The owners say that their machine filters out harmful light of sunlight and boosts beneficial rays, making the tanning tone even.

Ada says the tanning room is not only for beauty but also for health. On hazy days, people are prone to be depressed and fall sick, while the simulated sunlight can activate cells and relax nerves.

Indoor sun worship doesn't come cheap though. One year's unlimited-use membership is 4,790 yuan (US$770); three months' unlimited-use membership is 1,990 yuan; 24 eight-minute sessions cost 1,560 yuan; while 12 eight-minute sessions are 900 yuan.