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Curry Bistro

Add:391 Wantang Rd

Tel:0571-8886 8271


Established in 1998, Curry Bistro was the first curry restaurant in Hangzhou. It is run by Hong Kong native Eric Wu, who has been working as a chef for 35 years, and his wife Michelle Lau, a Hangzhou local.

Wu says fresh and good quality ingredients are the key to making delicious curry. The restaurant's menu is simple: curry served with rice and soup, plus a selection of mainly Southeast Asian dishes.

The dishes for curry sets include vegetable, seafood, beef and lamb options.

Its Malaysian curry is super-hot, guaranteed to make you sweat, while the Thai curry is green and pretty hot too - made with lemon verbena and coconut juice. The Indian curry is a complex melange of herbs and chili and is medium hot; the French option is stewed with vanilla and milk; and the home-made curry is suitably spicy, made according to the chef's secret recipe.

A selection of classic Southeast Asian dishes have also been mainstays on the Curry Bistro menu for the past 15 years, including Singaporean style pork rib stew, Thai tom yum mixed seafood soup, phad Thai and Taiwan three cup chicken.

Curry Bistro can seat around 80 diners, and the average price of a curry is 45 yuan (US$7.2).