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Jackson Curry & Pizza(Jianguo Rd S. Branch)

Add:219 Jianguo Rd S.

Tel:1885 8181 007


Five tables and a bar counter with four stools are the sum total of seating in this restaurant, but hipsters are willing to wait in the winter chill to sample its curries and thin-crust pizza.

The eatery is run by Jackson Wang, who used to work in Western restaurant in five-star hotels. He opened his own restaurant last year, which does take-away as well.

The chef makes Indian-style curry, with options including chicken, beef, lamb, fish, shrimp and vegetable. Shrimp and chicken come especially recommended.

The shrimp curry sees the spice blended with fresh wasabi. The chef controls the proportions so the taste is refreshing and not likely to leave you with streaming eyes.

Similarly, other curry cuisines follow classical Indian curry recipes, together with something unique from the chef. For example, one dish sees vegetables soaked in yellow curry and topped with white coconut curry.

Jackson also serves thin-crust pizza. The signature one is strawberry pizza - like Hawaii pizza but with sliced strawberry and other fruits for a sweet taste. Other popular choices include satay chicken pizza and BBQ chicken thigh pizza.