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Hanyan Coffee House

Add:128 Laodong Rd

Tel:0571-8160 6978


It's difficult to miss this cafe, because the gate of Hanyan Coffee House is very distinctive and showy: Plants are clustered on wooden chairs and benches; on one bench is a vintage TV, beside which stand two Thai-style golden Buddha figures. And providing a backdrop to this display are distinctive French windows.

It's all too much for some customers, with some web users describing the decor as "garish," with "too much details" and complaining that "wherever you look, there's a decorative item."

While the style is eclectic, the main decor can be defined as old-style. Solid wood tables are covered with plaid tablecloths, on which are quirky items such as metal tissue holders, vintage European style lamps and dried flowers.

Above comfy sofas - complete with blankets - are shelves of knickknacks for sales.

These include matches, cups, hair bands, badges, cellphone accessories and notebooks. Exotic, creative and quirky, some were purchased by the cafe boss from knickknack stalls in foreign countries.

The price of coffee is a bit higher than average, but the unique decor and the view through the French windows to Hefang Street make it a place where customers can happily idle away the hours.