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Fifty 8° Grill by Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai

Add:111 Pudong Rd S.

Tel:021-2082 9938

Time:11am-3pm, every Sunday



The restaurant is named - Fifty 8° Grill - after the perfect core temperature of a medium rare steak grilled over the wood fire, 58 degrees Celsius. The chef sources apple wood locally and says it's a particular fruit wood that gives the food a distinctive smoky aroma.

Most of the beef is imported from Australia, including both grass-fed, cereal-fed and wagyu grain-fed. Various cuts - from sirloin, flank, tenderloin, prime rib - satisfy customers' tastes for different textures and degrees of marbling. Most steaks are wet aged, some are dry aged to bring out the concentrated flavor; it depends on the meat.

It is a place where customers sit in a contemporary-feeling space but experience the traditional value of French cooking: simple looking, exceptional ingredients, kitchen craftsmanship and shared meals.

Both the food and wine in the restaurant evoke dining in small French towns.