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Lu You Memorial Hall

Add:98 Hai'er Lane

Tel:0571-8791 2981


This traditional Chinese building is famed across Hangzhou, and led to an outcry when there were plans to demolish it.

In 1998, the hall was due to be razed as part of a city building program. But locals complained to local government.

The dispute caught the attention of historians and architects. After meticulous investigation, they concluded that it was a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) building based on the Song Dynasty (960-1279) foundations, combined with Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) architectural elements.

Seeing the huge value of the building, then Hangzhou Party Secretary Wang Guoping ordered that it should not be demolished and a restoration plan was launched.

The windows of the building were made of clamshells, which could only be seen in wealthy families' houses in ancient times. These were polished to be very thin, through which sunshine could penetrate, though not transparent.

In order to restore the original appearance of the building, a total of 680 clamshells were used, which took workers five months to complete.

Though Lu's former residence had been lost through time, academics thought that his footprint should be retained in Hangzhou, so this building became Lu You Memorial Hall.

The memorial hall displays Lu's statue, calligraphic works and collections of his writings.