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Zhou's Restaurant

Add:141 Hai'er Lane

Tel:0571-8702 9198


This eatery is located near the intersection of Hai'er Lane and Yan'an Road, a bustling commercial road. It's a rendezvous place for residents and a spot popular with visitors.

This is a branch of Drum Tower Zhou's Restaurant, which is located in Southern Song Royal Street and attracts a continual stream of customers.

Though this restaurant is tucked away among residential communities, advance booking is recommended.

It serves local Hangzhou dishes and creates new favorites by combining elements of other dishes.

The chef's picks include stir-fried shrimp, broccoli fried with XO sauce, crab casserole, spiced duck and thick fish head soup.

Pork chops fried with corn is a tasty new dish. The corn is pounded and fried, tasting like chips, while the chops are tender, not overdone.