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Ylife Charity Studio/ Cafe

Add:No.65 Donghexia, Xiaohezhi Street


"We don't cater all, but those interesting ones; we don't make money, yet we make you happy; we hope you understand charity does not only mean donating some money…"

The distinct introduction board stands in front of the distinct Ylife Charity Studio, which is a studio, a company and also a café, run by 29-year-old girl Lin Junjun, a freelancer and a volunteer.

Lin rents the loft in Donghexia in April as her own apartment, and she opens the first and second floor as a café that welcomes her friends and "interesting people", especially those willing to make charity.

Lin has attended many volunteer activities, including the rescue in Wenchuan earthquake and Ya'an earthquake. Now she runs an annual charity magazine "Ylife".

She says 20% of the turnover of the café is to be used in charity – any kind as long as it is necessary, and any consumer in the café will get charity credits - more credits mean more benefit, such as has the customer's name printed in the magazine Ylife.

Frankly speaking, the place is small and cannot cater more than 20 people, but Lin insists "we only share pleasure with people have same interests with us." Plus, Lin does not make living by the café, instead, she runs her own business as a consultant.