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Snail Team Film

Add:No. 68 Donghexia, Xiaohezhi Street


A young man whose wife got pregnant determined to find some part-time jobs to support the family in 2007. He who studied camera shooting in university became an amateur wedding cameraman.

With more and more praise, the young man took it as his permanent job. He sold out the house in his hometown in countryside to buy professional cameras and computers and start his own firm: Snail Team Film.

The beginning was a failure. His studio, also functioned as his family's apartment, was despised by customers. He rent another studio and spent 20 hours a day to work and study how to make better films.

"As my age grows, I have better understandings to marriage and family, and now I make better wedding films, without imitating others," says Xiao Luo, the young man.

The success came later. Snail Team received better reputation among people's mouth, and on internet. And now months ago it opened a new office at Donghexia – expect the couple who are in 30s, all employees are in 20s.