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Moflo Wedding Design Studio

Add:No. 50 Donghexia, Xiaohezhi Street

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Moflo=More followers, and Moflo Wedding Design Studio is newly established by four grads who are in early 20s, who respectively studied hotel management, design and finance.

The young team started the venture by their hands – from painting the house. The loft with white décor is decorated with abundant flowers and divided by brick walls paved by the team.

"We believe trust among people win business," says Zhao Mengshao, one shareholder, explaining the studio, different from many other wedding design firms that charges with a menu, designs weddings according to customers' budget.

Opened two months ago, the studio has received some orders, from both friends and walk-ins, and "trust" did work: a couple who firstly declined the firm then bought its service after they witnessed how the team decorated their own studio.

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