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MCC Shineton City Plaza

Add:4500 Zhennan Rd


Walking out of the Nanxiang Station of Metro Line 11, you can see MCC Shineton City Plaza in front of you. It is a gourmands' paradise where you can treat yourself with almost everything you want to eat, such as fast food outlets Xiaoyang Shengjian, Coco milk tea and McDonald. Office employees can have breakfast here for just 10 yuan.

A feature of the plaza is its variety of foods, such as Hong Kong style, Thai style and hotpot.

In addition to restaurants, there are many choices from bakeries and dessert shops in the plaza, such as chocolate cake from the Paris Baguette, mango pudding from the Honeymoon dessert and ice-cream form Iceason.

Nanxiang residents go to the plaza frequently, not only for dining and shopping, but also for their children to play. Children love the Lollipop Playground on the third floor. It costs 65 yuan per visit.

As for young people, Poly Theater and Happy Star Party KTV are ideal places. Members of the Poly Theater can watch a movie for 25 yuan, while it costs 9 yuan or more per hour per person at Happy Star Party KTV.