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Chanyuan Vegetarian Restaurant

Add:4500 Huyi Highway


At the Chanyuan Vegetarian Restaurant at Xiangdong Buddha Statue Museum, wooden chairs and tables, simple bamboo decoration, soft lighting and elegant music played on the guqin, a seven-string zither, create a feeling of quiet and elegance. Porcelain tableware and bamboo utensils on the table and bamboo grove outside the window will make you forget about the noise of the city outside.

Meat features prominently on the menu, but it's all vegetarian duck, salad, vegetarian sweet and sour pork and vegetarian steak among other dishes looking, smelling and tasting excellent. The restaurant's desserts are also delicious.

The head chef surnamed Chen is a Buddhist who used to work in a five-star hotel in downtown Shanghai. He chooses high quality ingredients with organic vegetables and sauces from Taiwan and Japan. 

Cost: 50-100 yuan per person