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Ai Yama Puzzle Room

Add:Rm 819, Anneiji Hotel, 28 Moyu Rd


You wake up from the darkness and find yourself in a strange room where the door is locked from the outside. The only thing you can do is to find the key to the door… That might be a normal scene in a thrilling movie but it can now be experienced in Jiading. A game called "Ai Yama" developed by four students from Tongji University, has been launched in Anting and is the first of its kind in Jiading.

Since the opening of the puzzle room on March 13, hundreds of people have taken up the challenge.

"There are many characters in the game with complex relationships. The player needs make clear of the numerous clues and find the plot by logical reasoning and escape from the room within one hour," said one of the game's creators.

Cost: 60 yuan per person