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Bella Napoli (Nanhui Rd Branch)

Add:73 Nanhui Rd


Time:11:30am-3pm, 5:30―11:30pm



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


You’ re at Bella Napoli, you’ re eating with family In this little slice of Italy, we’re devoted to serving simple, authentic dishes of the highest quality. 80% of our ingredients are imported from Italy and everything is made using filtered water. Try our southern Italian specialties Impepata di Cozze , Melanzana alla Parmiggiana, Paccheri alla Vesuviana and La pizza Margherita Or order our famous thin crust Neapolitan pizzas. They’re each made to order and baked in wood-fire ovens constructed out of 1,800 specially handcrafted bricks imported from owner Guido’s village of Salerno. Bella Napoli is the kind of neighborhood trattoria where Guido and his wife are there every day, greeting you in person and asking after your family. That’s important to us because when you’re at Bella Napoli, you’re eating with family. If you’re looking to have a special dinner party or want to bring your children for some bambini pizza-making fun, contact us at guido@bellanapoli-sh.com Bella Napoli has 2 locations: • Changle Rd Branch • Nanhui Rd Branch Pay by bank cards and credit cards.