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Global Harbor

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Shanghai's biggest shopping and commercial complex, Global Harbor, covers 480,000 square meters and is the city's first such complex to include major public art and cultural exhibits as well as tourism, entertainment and cultural heritage protection.

The opulent complex in Putuo District is topped by an enormous glass dome and features red and gold decor in neoclassical style, including Corinthian columns, statuary and 1,200 square meters of frescoes depicting classic Venetian scenes, modern vessels and Putuo's modern cruise terminal along the Suzhou Creek. The garden courtyard blends Renaissance and Victorian styles.

It was designed by British firm Chapman Taylor. It contains an office building, hotel and apartments as well as retail and cultural space, entertainment, cafes and restaurants.

The six-level complex, two underground and four on the ground, with an open central court and rooftop garden opened on July 5, 2013. Five hundred brands have leased space.

Unlike traditional malls, 20 percent of Global Harbor is designated for public cultural display and engagement. It is a pioneering project that combines a commercial and shopping complex with cultural projects.