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LaoWaiJie, covering 10,000 square meters is surrounded by neighborhoods and very close to international communities.

Construction began in 2001 on this former Hongmei Leisure Street, and it reopened to the public in April 2002. In 2009, it was renamed LaoWaiJie.

The 480-meter-long street, a former railway line, crosses Changning and Minhang districts. It was turned into a leisure street in 2002 and now is filled with stylish modern restaurants, bars, boutiques and other outlets. It feels like a bonsai garden, with modern sculpture, fountains, artificial hills, waterfalls and flowers.

The style is modern European, quiet and elegant.

It’s a place for all kinds of gatherings, as well as business dinners. The exotic bars, cafes and restaurants offer a variety of national and regional cuisines and entertainment.

On weekends, LaoWaiJie is one of the most popular places in town for expat families